Heigh-Ho, January! Sane (and Fun) Writing Goals for the New Year

This is one of the first pieces that I wrote for ASPL, five years ago.

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January, although frigid and dreary, has a few compensatory gifts up its wintry sleeve that no other month can offer: a chance to rewind the clock to start, a vague idea that anything is possible, and a sense of euphoria that can only be found when the year is in its first blush. Although these feelings naturally fade as the temperature rises, you should be able to use this energy all year-long. The goals I have in mind aren’t tauntingly out of reach, nor must they be broken down into a dozen discouraging steps; they could just as easily be called Life Skills for Writers.

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[Intermezzo] Melt Away

Once Upon a Time, I thought preparing to move house whilst my husband headed out-of-state on an extended business trip was a fantastic idea. “I know! I’ll sort through and pack all of our belongings, edit a book, work on two short stories, create a few new web-sites, launch marketing campaigns for totally disparate projects, maintain a full freelance and blogging load, take the dogs on long walks several times a day, do yoga 5 times a week, and plan a fun event at a local gallery. I have the energy of an overzealous rabbit high on pure sugar. It’s just waiting to be harnessed. Nothing about this plan is the least bit wonky. Of course, I can cram-jam this ambitious laundry list of goals into a 6-week period. Because, because…I will it to be so.” The Chef hasn’t even left town yet, and I am already exhausted. All I want to do is take a scalding bath and weep, followed by 42 melting and aimless days in a fluffy, warm bed-haze.

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An Announcement About an Announcement

In an effort to make A Small Press Life as solid as possible in 2013 (and beyond), we are going to add some wonderful new features to the blog. Don’t worry; what you love about ASPL isn’t changing. There is simply going to be more goodness to go around. When will this deliciousness start, you ask? Soon. This month. Stay tuned for more details.