Daily Diversion #367: Scone and Tea

The last few days have been pretty stressful, so on Saturday I popped in to the fabulous bakery that’s just around the corner from my day job. I saved this scrumptious scone for this morning’s breakfast. Between it, a cup of my fave tea, and a good book…I’m feeling a tad better. 

Orange-Cranberry Scone from Laughlin's

Orange-Cranberry Scone from Laughlin’s

Daily Diversion #319: Tea in a Special Cup

My grandmother is downsizing. A couple of weeks ago, she gave me some of her Pope Gosser wedding dishes from 1952. I’ve made it a point to incorporate them into daily life, which,  given their delicate prettiness, has been easy. The cups and saucers are a wonderful addition to my tea ritual.

Tea Time

Tea Time