Daily Diversion #390: Anniversary Getaway

A few pics from our quick anniversary getaway to Hocking Hills…

Little cabin in the snow



My Word! You Do Tickle Me.

Today marks exactly seven years of marriage to The Chef.

When we started dating, we lived in different cities. All of our early conversations were through the Internet (where we “met”) or phone. 

My word! (Postcard circa 1910)

As such, I find the postcard couple (above) completely adorable. And, after seven years of wedded bliss, still entirely relatable.

Daily Diversion #319: Tea in a Special Cup

My grandmother is downsizing. A couple of weeks ago, she gave me some of her Pope Gosser wedding dishes from 1952. I’ve made it a point to incorporate them into daily life, which,  given their delicate prettiness, has been easy. The cups and saucers are a wonderful addition to my tea ritual.

Tea Time

Tea Time