Daily Diversion #319: Tea in a Special Cup

My grandmother is downsizing. A couple of weeks ago, she gave me some of her Pope Gosser wedding dishes from 1952. I’ve made it a point to incorporate them into daily life, which,  given their delicate prettiness, has been easy. The cups and saucers are a wonderful addition to my tea ritual.

Tea Time

Tea Time

Daily Diversion #137: A Key to the Future…

…looks like this.

A key to the future

A key to the future.

There are no quotes about moving or change that match the happiness I feel deep in my heart. Our new house is 6 1/2 miles away, but it feels like a different world. An opening into something calm and beautiful. A psychological awakening, ripe with satisfaction and intense anticipation. I can, almost, open my clenched fists. Almost.