Every Day is a Good Day for Looking at an Egon Schiele Painting

Here’s one from 1915:

House with Shingle Roof (Old House II) by Egon Schiele. Collection: Leopold Museum. Public Domain.

Sylvia Plath Google Doodle

Yesterday’s Google Doodle was in honor of Sylvia Plath’s 87th birthday. The gorgeous art is by Sophie Diao.

Sylvia Plath Google Doodle. Art by Sophie Diao.

[Book Nerd Links] Eve Babitz, Louise Bourgeois, Bloomsbury, and Harold Bloom

I should probably rename this regular feature, as it often spotlights artists, musicians, and other creative-types. Until I decide on a new one (suggestions welcome!), however, Book Nerd Links it shall remain.

Nina Hamnett by Roger Fry (1917). (c) University of Leeds Art Collection and Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation. Public Domain.