Daily Diversion #137: A Key to the Future…

…looks like this.

A key to the future

A key to the future.

There are no quotes about moving or change that match the happiness I feel deep in my heart. Our new house is 6 1/2 miles away, but it feels like a different world. An opening into something calm and beautiful. A psychological awakening, ripe with satisfaction and intense anticipation. I can, almost, open my clenched fists. Almost.

20 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #137: A Key to the Future…

  1. Your clinched fists will become more and more open, and you’re on your way!!! The peace – even in moments right now, that must provide. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Think the family (dogs/cats) is ready?? Lol. They’ll probably be confused for a moment or two..


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