10th Wedding Anniversary

Today marks 10 years of marriage to The Chef! I wish that we could do something fantastic to celebrate, but alas! During a pandemic, it truly is enough to have each other and our love (so corny). Cheers to us…and anyone else celebrating something important during these awful times.

Dance in the Country by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1883)

Daily Diversion #257: Rainy Day Activities

Thursday was beautiful and sunny. Today…well, today is rainy and dreary. Never fear, for I have a plan: lounge around, read, eat some oatmeal, read. Nap. Repeat.

Rainy Day Activities

View from my studio window, oatmeal with strawberries, a book about Renoir. Not pictured: napping next to my sweet doggie.

[Alternative Muses] Coming and Going: Pierre-Auguste Renoir/Tennessee Williams Mashup

The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, circa 1881-1886

The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (born on 2/25/1841), circa 1881-1886.

“Life is an unanswered question, but let’s still believe in the dignity and importance of the question.”-Tennessee Williams (died on 2/25/1983)