[Tea in Art] The Tea Service by Claude Monet (1872)

This lovely painting by Claude Monet is doing double duty today. My mom is opening a fabulous business (tea/coffee/desserts/books/art/events) in early 2020. I’m doing social media, among other things, for the store. I shared this lovely painting on our FB page a few minutes ago, and thought it far too nice not to do so here, as well.

The Tea Service by Claude Monet (1872).

Three Years Ago Today I Married My Love

 Our wedding ceremony was cobbled together with rock and roll and bagpipes and honest poetry, love and tears; there were no vows, except to bluntly say, “I do.” If the act of marriage itself is not  promise enough, then an oath is meaningless armor against the inevitable.

Bells Are Ringing

Bells Are Ringing


The Chef and I are somewhere on this spectrum of cute coupledom:

[Alternative Muses] Coming and Going: Christina Rossetti/Claude Monet Mashup

“Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I: But when the trees bow down their head, The wind is passing by.”-Christina Rossetti (born on 12/5/1830)

Three Trees in Grey Weather by Claude Monet, 1891

Claude Monet (died on 12/5/1926): Three Trees in Grey Weather, 1891

Intermezzo: Today

Today, my return to shining good health is matched watt for watt by a hearty winter sun. Both incandescent, ready for change. Strong. The renewal of the New Year met a roadblock or two, was delayed, delayed again, the delay constantly looping. Today, creativity is back, and with it hope; they are both resplendent. I’ve re-imagined the way forward, a sturdy path with many forks. It’s beautiful.

Hope is like the light in an Impressionist painting.

Hope is like the light in an Impressionist painting.