Intermezzo: Today

Today, my return to shining good health is matched watt for watt by a hearty winter sun. Both incandescent, ready for change. Strong. The renewal of the New Year met a roadblock or two, was delayed, delayed again, the delay constantly looping. Today, creativity is back, and with it hope; they are both resplendent. I’ve re-imagined the way forward, a sturdy path with many forks. It’s beautiful.

Hope is like the light in an Impressionist painting.

Hope is like the light in an Impressionist painting.

10 thoughts on “Intermezzo: Today

    • Yes, three weeks in! I am raring to go. Of course, between our party on Friday, a baby shower I am throwing on Saturday, and my vacation home it really won’t start until 1 February. But it is worth the wait, as I have so many ideas. 🙂


    • Haha, no! No vacation home (although wouldn’t that be lovely). I was basically bed-ridden with the ‘flu for two weeks. This post was my happy “yeah, I am healthy again” post.


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