[Intermezzo] Melt Away

Once Upon a Time, I thought preparing to move house whilst my husband headed out-of-state on an extended business trip was a fantastic idea. “I know! I’ll sort through and pack all of our belongings, edit a book, work on two short stories, create a few new web-sites, launch marketing campaigns for totally disparate projects, maintain a full freelance and blogging load, take the dogs on long walks several times a day, do yoga 5 times a week, and plan a fun event at a local gallery. I have the energy of an overzealous rabbit high on pure sugar. It’s just waiting to be harnessed. Nothing about this plan is the least bit wonky. Of course, I can cram-jam this ambitious laundry list of goals into a 6-week period. Because, because…I will it to be so.” The Chef hasn’t even left town yet, and I am already exhausted. All I want to do is take a scalding bath and weep, followed by 42 melting and aimless days in a fluffy, warm bed-haze.

John Everett Millais-Ophelia

Oh, hey there Ophelia!

[Creativity Challenges] Why I Just Added a Dry Erase Board to My Amazon Wish List

It all comes down to time management. In fact, most of my professional difficulties can be traced to that annoyingly persistent foe. Time management is, if you will, my arch-enemy. While I am extremely organized by nature, I have a hard time keeping firm control over my writing day. The busier I am, the worse my habits become. In March, I am working on the launch of two new blogs, editing a book and consulting on another, and creating three pieces of short fiction. This is in addition to my regular blogging, ‘zining, and writing commitments. My self-control is a shambles. My desk is, even as I type these words, littered with notes, most of which are scraps of half crossed-off to-do lists. My lovely notebooks, ditto. While it is deeply satisfying to strike lines through finished tasks, having a pile of disordered lists lounging about mocking my intentions does not encourage me to actually do anything. Quite the opposite. Technology is equally sterile when faced with dozens of work assignments. I will ignore every single electronic notification put in place to help me along the path to finishing jobs, and will do so every single time with unchained glee. Technology is only my friend when it is helping me waste time or stay connected with people. Otherwise, it can fly off. Continue reading

[Mae’s Writing Days] Ghosts of Projects Past

As most of you know, I recently rearranged my writing studio. Okay, full disclosure time: I’m still actively working on it, after nearly 3 weeks of mostly dedicated effort. It may look lovely to the casual observer but, lurking beneath the neat surface, is my hideous secret: it’s really a mess. Tucked inside of the cabinets and chests and drawers is a dark, sloppy, sordid underbelly of….paper. Continue reading