Some Creative Goals for the New Year: Five, Six

Respect My Time

Respect My Time

No Frivolous Diversions

No Frivolous Diversions

6 thoughts on “Some Creative Goals for the New Year: Five, Six

  1. A bit of frivolous diversion is good for you I think. Sometimes, when creativity becomes work it looses its magic. Not that one shouldn’t work hard on creativity. Work needs the balance of frivolous diversion (lovely phrase btw) now and again. Perhaps a timer?


    • I write full-time and, just as with any office-bound job, there are work appropriate things and not work appropriate things. The fact that I work for myself doesn’t mean that I can sit around all day playing games on Facebook or going crazy on Pinterest. It can be tough to stick to sometimes, which is why I am being harder on myself this year. I take breaks, of course, but they have to be reasonable and not get out of hand. Thus, this goal! I am lucky because I get to live by my creativity, which never seems like work no matter how much effort and sweat it causes me. I am fanatic about only working a five-day workweek, though, and I only work six hours a day (except under extenuating circumstances). This last thing is another reason why I cannot screw away my time. I’d rather finish early.


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