Daily Diversion #110: St. Patrick’s Day

“May your blessings outnumber/The shamrocks that grow,/And may trouble avoid you/Wherever you go.” Irish Blessing

My husband is a Scotsman and I am an English-German lass, but today we donned the green and got our Irish on.

My kilted hottie honey.

My kilted hottie honey.

Getting my green on.

Getting my green on.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day


Shopping for the Bookworm: Irish Writers Edition, Part One

Enjoy these Irish writer-themed goodies in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day!

Samuel Beckett Tea Towel by Miss Fruitfly

Samuel Beckett Tea Towel by Miss Fruitfly. $10.00

William Butler Yeats Canvas Tote Bag by Nice Day Designs

William Butler Yeats Canvas Tote Bag by Nice Day Designs. $6.71

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[From My Archives]* On Shaw, or How a Dead Playwright Transformed My Adolescence and Altered My Life

When I set out to do this essay, I realized that writing about George Bernard Shaw would be rather like writing about my first (real) love: a little daunting, a little dangerous and, ultimately, mostly about me, for we tend to see ourselves reflected in others as steadfastly as we implant ourselves firmly in what we read. Continue reading