Daily Diversion #110: St. Patrick’s Day

“May your blessings outnumber/The shamrocks that grow,/And may trouble avoid you/Wherever you go.” Irish Blessing

My husband is a Scotsman and I am an English-German lass, but today we donned the green and got our Irish on.

My kilted hottie honey.

My kilted hottie honey.

Getting my green on.

Getting my green on.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day


14 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #110: St. Patrick’s Day

      • Actually, we were. It was not intentional. My great-grandfather was from Ireland (others from Scotland and Germany) but I have never felt the need to wear the green. It’s like I know what I am and it isn’t a beer-swilling leprechaun. But the bagpipes make me cry every time.


      • We had a bagpiper at our wedding! I embrace just about any excuse to wear green. Whether I am sporting my natural red hair or my current blonde, green is my best colour.


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