Daily Diversion #412: Pear Apple Crisp

I was just minding my own business while listening to The Clash and cleaning the kitchen. Then my stomach piped up and informed me that it was actually the perfect time to make Pear Apple Crisp. 

Nevermind that it would create extra cleaning for me. What a jerk! 

Pear Apple Crisp

It wasn’t wrong, though. 

Daily Diversion #358: Russian Apple Cake

If autumn and apples are the perfect couple (and they totally are), then Sharlotka (Russian Apple Cake) is, perhaps, the most delicious expression of that union.



I baked one yesterday, to accompany the newly cold weather ’round these parts. Even better: the cake is served warm. The leftovers are fantastic, too. (I’m currently eating a slice and drinking a cup of hot Russian tea.)

This Sharlotka is fluffy, light, a bit tart (thanks to Granny Smith apples), and not too sweet; the top is crusty and golden.

Slice of Sharlotka

Slice of Sharlotka

I use Chef Matt Danko’s recipe (which is actually his dad’s). It’s even tastier than it looks!