[Alternative Muses] Goodbye, Johnny Mercer!

Songwriter, lyricist, and singer Johnny Mercer died on 25 June 1976.

Johnny Mercer Statue

12 June 2014: The Johnny Mercer Statue in Savannah.

“The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play.”-Days of Wine and Roses (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer)

[Book Nerd Links] Dangerdust: Literary Chalk Art, by Stealth

Each Week, Two Anonymous Students Sneak into a Classroom and Proceed to Blow Everyone’s Mind [courtesy viralnova]

An interesting story from my hometown. I love this duo’s use of literary quotes and themes. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of the article to their Instagram page.

J.M. Barrie Quote by Dangerdust

J.M. Barrie Quote by Dangerdust