I Think I Probably Miss Them More Than They Miss Me

I am a bad, bad pet parent. First, I took their dignity and now I’m posting the evidence for all the world to see. Methinks they are happy I left on holiday yesterday morning.

Crosley is not amused.

Crosley is not amused.

Don't let this sweet pose fool you. He shook off the offending ears a second or two later.

Don’t let this sweet pose fool you. He shook off the offending cat ears a second or two later.


Halloween is My Favourite Holiday

Halloween is not my favourite holiday because of its free pass to dress up in a ridiculous or obscure costume, drink wildly, and eat too much cheap drugstore candy (I’m looking at you, candy corn). No, Halloween is my favourite holiday because it marks the birthday of the smartest, funniest, sweetest, sexiest man I know. My husband. Lest he think that an alien has taken up residence in my brain, I will leave it at this: he is awesome, he is mine, and I love him. Oh, dear readers, how I love him!

Engagement Pic by David Ames, November 2010.

Engagement Pic by David Ames, November 2010. “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”-Plato

Daily Diversion #63: River City, River Song

The perks to living in a river city are largely ones of aesthetics and mood and philosophy. Ambiance, if you will. Attitude. State of mind. Peace of mind. The advantages aren’t material; they’re bigger than that. More vital. Rivers are wise, yet fierce. Their beauty is quiet and chaotic, changing pace quicker than a hummingbird’s tissue-thin wings. Rivers remind me of nineteenth century English literature, or of the early twentieth century’s John Cowper Powys. Romantic, desolate, abiding. Cosmic. Or, in the words of Herman Hesse: “The river is everywhere.”

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Daily Diversion #58: Suffragette City

My mom sent me this reproduction postcard from England. The original is from c1910.


The text on the reverse side reads: The suffragette movement swung into action with police and hardy women coming face to face.

“Coolest f-word ever deserves a fucking shout! I mean, why can’t all decent men and women call themselves feminists? Out of respect for those who fought for this.”-Ani DiFranco