Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

A June day.

Stifling, high heat. Where: a few miles off a highway in Kentucky. Me: a fair-skinned person who left her hat in the car. Unsuitable adornments: a long skirt, heavier than the weather warranted, a v-neck tee, and sandals with wedge heels. Italian leather, well-cushioned. Made for sustained walking excursions, albeit safe, flat city ones.

I went rogue.

Half a mile up the side of a steep hill, through a woodsy trail. Climbing, up up up, like a pack mule. Sweat-drenched. Determined. For what? A panicky attack of vertigo, and a stunning view of a river I’d only read about earlier that day.

This view, this river:


Kentucky/river: worth it. A photograph I snapped using a single hand, buckling knees,  and averted eyes. June 2014.

A flushed face, drenched shirt, and fear-of-heights induced inability to stand up straight? A small price to pay, all for one decent photo and a story that later made my grandma laugh (thanks, mom!).

This is my entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement.

Daily Diversion #63: River City, River Song

The perks to living in a river city are largely ones of aesthetics and mood and philosophy. Ambiance, if you will. Attitude. State of mind. Peace of mind. The advantages aren’t material; they’re bigger than that. More vital. Rivers are wise, yet fierce. Their beauty is quiet and chaotic, changing pace quicker than a hummingbird’s tissue-thin wings. Rivers remind me of nineteenth century English literature, or of the early twentieth century’s John Cowper Powys. Romantic, desolate, abiding. Cosmic. Or, in the words of Herman Hesse: “The river is everywhere.”

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