A Year in Books/Day 84: Picture This Debbie Harry and Blondie

  • Title: Picture This Debbie Harry and Blondie
  • Author: Mick Rock
  • Year Published: 2004 (Sanctuary Publishing Limited)
  • Year Purchased: 2004
  • Source: Via mail, exact source unknown.
  • About: This is famed photographer Mick Rock’s obsessively lovely visual tribute to Debbie Harry and, casually, by way of association, her bandmates in Blondie. It’s a reminder-for those in actual need of one-of how truly stunning, original and photogenic the singer has always been. He also throws in anecdotes about other  rock and rollers who have been covered by his lens.
  • Motivation: Going into this one, I had to repeat the phrase “Must not natter on about my love for Debbie Harry, must not natter on about my love for Debbie Harry…” The Blondie frontwoman is who I wanted to grow up to be: confident, talented, singular and beautiful. I still feel that way.  I’m equipped with so many thoughts about DH that it is only with real effort that I pack them away for another day. I’ll move on to the next category before this becomes a 3,000 word essay or I stray into suspiciously flowery, fangirl territory.

    Debbie Harry performing with Blondie at the Zw...

    Debbie Harry performing with Blondie at the Zwarte Cross festival on Friday July 15th 2011 in Lichtenvoorde the Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Times Read: cover-to-cover: 3/picture gawking: countless
  • Random Excerpt/Page 103: “Not that her allure was any less potent, for her appeal did not (and does not) reside solely in her blondness. It’s an innate quality. There has always been a softness,a non-narcissistic casualness about the way she deals with her physical appeal.”
  • Happiness Scale: 10++++++