Bookish Cinema: Greed (1924)

A beautiful and provocative poster for Erich von Stroheim’s 1924 production of Greed, which was adapted from Frank Norris’ turn-of-the-century novel, McTeague:


Greed (1924)

The book was previously brought to the screen in 1916, under its original name. That version is lost. Von Stroheim’s famously beleaguered masterwork is the stuff of modern legend. His fight with MGM for control of the final product–particularly the editing–was painfully operatic. Although the film does not fully match the great auteur’s ambitious blue print, what we have been left with is brutally and strikingly epic.

6 thoughts on “Bookish Cinema: Greed (1924)

  1. I remember reading “McTeague” back in college and thinking . . . “this is some weird shit!” One of the strangest reading experiences I’ve ever had. Makes me think I should dig out my old copy and give it a re-read. And also check out the film. Thanks for the reminder.


    • I read it at 21, when I was on my honeymoon with my first husband. It was my beach read, basically. It is weird, and, like most weird things, needs to be experienced a few times to be fully grasped.

      The film is still excellent, even in its “butchered” state.


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