Profile: Diana Shafer of Terrific Friends

Diana Shafer is the talented artist behind Terrific Friends and sponsor of our Edgar Allan Poe Print Giveaway.

She most graciously agreed to tell us a bit more about herself, in her own words.


I live in Nampa which is twenty minutes outside of Boise, Idaho. We are a couple blocks from the historic downtown center where a tight-knit community exists. There’s a budding art scene happening here and it’s exciting to watch. It’s not a glamorous city but my husband and I chose to live here for its affordability and supportive community.

I went to school in Portland, Oregon for fashion design. We moved to Nampa after I graduated and I worked as a seamstress for a while, before I admitted I hated sewing. I ended up opening a clothing store that focused on local and handmade. Unfortunately, the timing was poor (September 2008) and the economy gave us a really tough time. We kept the shop open for five years and I think that was all because of the amazing people around here who made an effort to shop local. I’m grateful for the experience but by the time my lease was up, I knew I didn’t have enough passion left to fuel the struggle, so I closed up shop.

When I was in art school, my favorite classes were drawing and fashion illustration and I kept practicing through the years, developing my own style. My first author portrait dates back to 2008, when I was just playing around and drew Carson McCullers after reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I really started getting to work on the collection in 2012 and finished it in 2013, shortly after I closed the store. Since then I’ve been selling prints on Etsy and in independent boutiques around the country. I’m working on illustrating a children’s book and a friend and I are just starting a new project focused on food and illustration. My latest work can be found under the name D.Shafer Illustration.

Aside from maintaining my Etsy shop and relationships with retailers, I spend a lot of time snuggling with my husband and two adorable dogs (a rambunctious boxer/poodle and a sleepy cocker spaniel/pug) while watching movies or listening to music. We have a close group of friends that we see regularly. I help at a community garden in the summer. There are a couple of chickens in our backyard. I listen to podcasts throughout the day. And of course, the time I’ve spent making my way through our book collection is what inspired Terrific Friends.


Thanks, Diana!

The Miriam Hopkins Blogathon Was Quite the Success/Introducing Font and Frock

The Miriam Hopkins Blogathon, which I co-hosted with Ruth of Silver Screenings, was a roaring success! If you’d like to learn more about this fabulous actress or her films, please follow the links to the daily post round-ups.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

As many of you know, the blogathon coincided with the official launch of my new blog, Font and Frock. Our review of Miriam’s film Design for Living is a great introduction to the blog’s eccentric concept. Each film we review will be done in the same, four-part manner. One classic film=four segments, covering film, fashion, flash fiction, and feminism. Check out the links below to see it in action.

Design for Living: Intro

Design for Living:  Part One-There’s Just Something About Miriam

Design for Living: Part Two-Gilda’s Tips for Dressing Like a Successful Commercial Artist

Design for Living: Part Three-“To Let: One Cheap, Roomy, Salubrious Flat”

Design for Living: Part Four-Not Your Average Rom Com Heroine

Thank you!

Day One: Miriam Hopkins Blogathon


Round-Up for Day One of our lovely Miriam Hopkins Blogathon!

Originally posted on Silver Screenings:


We’re feeling the Miriam love today!

Today is the first day of the Miriam Hopkins Blogathon, and we’re off to an amazing start. Today’s reviews reveal the surprising versatility and depth Miriam conveys on the screen.

This blogathon is celebrating the talent of a remarkable actress, and launching the new site, Font and Frock, with our friend and fellow book/movie lover, Maedez, who also curates A Small Press Life.

Here are today’s fab posts:

miriam 2

Critica Retro discusses our Miriam and Paul Muni’s attractive beard in The Woman I Love (or: The Woman Between).


The Last Drive-In examines Miriam’s ability to embrace characters who are destructive, and even grotesque, in The Children’s Hour and Don’t Open Until Doomsday (The Outer Limits).


Caftan Woman introduces us to a delightful and thoughtful film, The Stranger’s Return.


Speakeasy looks at Miriam as a sophisticated con artist in Trouble in Paradise.


Public Transportation Snob raves about Miriam’s free-spirited character in

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Miriam Hopkins Blogathon Starts Tomorrow!


I am honored to co-host this amazing blogathon with the lovely Ruth of Silver Screenings!

Originally posted on Silver Screenings:

Yay! Tomorrow the Miriam Hopkins Blogathon begins.

Miriam’s celebration is in conjunction with the launch of Font and Frock, a new website about film, fashion, [flash] fiction, and feminism. This artfully-conceived site is curated by our chic, smarty-pants co-host, Maedez, who’s also the brains behind the literary A Small Press Life.)

Click HERE for a list of blogathon participants. (If we’ve accidentally overlooked you, please let us know right away.

Every evening, from January 22-25, we’ll be uploading a recap of the day’s posts. So just let us know when your post is live, and we’ll include it in our “nightcap” (ha ha).

See you at the Miriam Hopkins bash!

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