Daily Diversion #258: Girl About Town

My newest old book treasure:

Girl About Town

Girl About Town by Katherine Pent

“Mary Gunter always prided herself on being equal to all emergencies. Life had taught her that they appeared round the most unexpected corners. Her own life in particular had been full of them. It had started over a newsagent’s shop off Edgware Road, and her pious hope had been that it would end in a mansion in Mayfair or a large estate in the country.”-Katherine Pent, Girl About Town

Fiction is About Everything Human*: A Tour of the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home, with Musings on the Fantastical Co-Dependency of Writers and Readers


Originally posted on A Small Press Life:
We think we know them, don’t we? How familiar they are! After all, we’ve spent so much time together. For years, decades, lifetimes even. Minutes add up to days, pages become books, on…

[Alternative Muses] Birthday Mashup: William Morris/Olive Schreiner

Night Angel Holding a Waning Moon by William Morris

Night Angel Holding a Waning Moon by William Morris (born 24 March 1834)

“So age succeeds age, and dream succeeds dream, and the joy of the dreamer no man knoweth but he who dreameth. Our fathers had their dreams; we have ours; the generation that follows will have its own. Without dreams and phantoms, man cannot exist.”-The Story of An African Farm, Olive Schreiner (born 24 march 1855)