What Are You Reading in February?

What is on your reading list this month?

How are you approaching the new reading year? Eagerly? Obsessively? Or slowly but surely?

This is a really light reading month for me, as I am spending a third of the month on vacation.

Since 1st February, I’ve finished:

  • How to be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life by Melissa Hellstern
  • Famous and Infamous Londoners by Peter de Loriol
  • Killer Tomatoes: Fifteen Tough Film Dames by Ray Hagen and Laura Wagner
  • Women in the Arts in the Belle Epoque: Essays on Influential Artists, Writers and Performers
  • Billy Bragg: Still Suitable for Miners by Andrew Collins

I’m in the midst of reading:

  • The Lost Tudor Princess: The Life of Lady Margaret Douglas by Alison Weir (this is my sole road-trip read)

To be finished by 29th February:

  • Clara Bow: Runnin’ Wild by David Stenn (I first read this book when I was in high school)

What is your favourite book this month?

Which book on your list are you most looking forward to reading?

Please share with me in the comments!

Happy reading.

A Year in Books/Day 204: Audrey Hepburn An Elegant Spirit

  • Title: Audrey Hepburn An Elegant Spirit
  • Author: Sean Hepburn Ferrer
  • Year Published: 2003 (Atria Books)
  • Year Purchased: 2003
  • Source: Barnes & Noble
  • About: Audrey Hepburn always seemed so decent. Not goody-goody, but all of those superlatives most of us wish we were (and only sometimes are): compassionate, patient, kind, loyal, curious, gracious, humorous, dignified and empathetic. Decency of character is not something I require of actors, writers, musicians or anyone else whose work I admire; in fact, many of the people I love-those whose talent pierces my core- are at least a bit morally scruffy. Continue reading