Daily Diversion #132: Time Spent By Myself, Alone, in a Chair

If you need me today, I’ll be in this chair: legs thrown over the side, disheveled, peaceful. Reading, sipping tea, staring out open windows. Living life with the timer off. Collecting quotes, not thinking, blissfully unaware. Ruffling doggie ears, painting my toe nails, napping. Tomorrow, I’ll be back. Ready to jump into the fray. But that is in the future and today, today, is about the now.

A great place for solitude

A great place for solitude.

  • “Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.”-Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
  • In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”-Albert Camus, The Minotaur
  • “If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”-Jean-Paul Sartre

Thank you to the lovely Vickie Lester, for reminding me that I do not need permission or justification for taking some alone time.

Daily Diversion #107: Slow Start to a Snowy Day

Morning view.

Morning view.

That is snow on the roof of the low building above the truck. It was 70 degrees just 3 days ago.

An inadequate but satisfying breakfast.

An inadequate but satisfying breakfast.

When it is cold I could stay in bed all day. This morning, the siren’s call of the electric kettle was too strong.

"You will be successful in your career."

“You will be successful in your career.”

The universe is obviously trying to tell me something, in the form of this dark chocolate orange fortune cookie. The message? “Get to work, you lazy woman.”

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”-Confucius

“I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.”-Jerome K. Jerome

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”-Albert Einstein

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made,

What’s a sundial in the shade?”-Benjamin Franklin

A Year in Books/Day 203: Raving Fans

  • Title: Raving Fans A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service
  • Authors: Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
  • Year Published: 1993 (William Morrow and Company, Inc.)
  • Year Purchased: 2010
  • Source: An ex-place of employment
  • About: I hate this book. I’m tempted to say that I passionately hate this book, but it’s too ridiculous and poorly written to engender that amount of feeling. If you’re wondering why I’ve kept a book this bad instead of tossing it on a rubbish heap whilst kicking up my heels in glee, I use it as a reminder to work my writing fingers to the bone so I do not have to toil in the corporate world again. Ever, ever again. Ever. Because if I do, I’ll probably have this crap thrown at me a third time. I’m not knocking the premise behind Raving Fans; it is sound-very basic, but sound. The execution, though, is worthless. The single worst passage I’ve read in my entire reading life is in this book. (See below) Honestly, if you can run through 132 pages in 15 minutes while knocking back Scotch in a dark, noisy bar without missing anything, what you are reading is too watered-down. Continue reading