Oh, Spambots! You’re So Funny!

A Small Press Life is being hit hard by spambots this week (99% of which is caught by the spam filter, fortunately). These are my 3 faves from today, and my responses to them:

  1. Hello,My name is Job and I’m a professional fraenelce writer with 3 years of experience. ( (Nice to meet you, Job. Perhaps you could give me some tips on fraenelcing?)
  2. Boom shlakaaka boom boom, problem solved. (Boom boom, indeed.)
  3. I much prefer inrfamotive articles like this to that high brow literature. (I think you are on the wrong site, dude. 90% of what I write about is high brow literature, although I try to be as inrfamotive as possible).
Titta Ruffo

Is that you, Spambot? (It’s actually opera singer Titta Ruffo, dressed up as a clown. Circa 1913.)