Three Day Quote Challenge-Day One

Robert McAlmon Quote

Robert McAlmon Quote

This quote comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the sidebar. Creatively, it has been my guiding light for more than a decade. I think about it nearly every time I sit down to write.

Do you have any writing tenets? Please share yours in the comments section!

This quote by the fabulous, underrated Robert McAlmon has been brought to you by the Three Day Quote Challenge.

I was  nominated by Sita Rasa. Thanks so much!

Here are the actual “rules” for the quote challenge:

– Post one quote for three days (they may be your words or from another source)

– Nominate three bloggers each day to participate

– Thank the blogger who nominated you

I’m following numbers one and three. As for two…well, if you’d like to participate (and you should, because it is fun) feel free to nominate yourself.

Happy Birthday to the Intense Robert McAlmon

This mesmerizing gent is writer and publisher Robert McAlmon, who was born on 9 March 1895.

Robert McAlmon

Robert McAlmon, one of my great inspirations, looking spiffy.

QUOTE: “He (Owen Johnson) didn’t have to argue with me about the beginning of the jazz and the flapper age. It began actively for me when I was fourteen. As a child I had noted it without curiosity in my elders. That means the jazz age proper and the flappers were going strong before 1910, some years before Scott Fitzgerald was beyond his own childhood. It was in its heyday when Irene and Vernon Castle were famous as ballroom dancers, and none of us as children considered ourselves grown up unless we could bonton, pigeon-trot, barn-dance, Spanish tango, or turkey-walk our two hundred miles a week of so-called dancing. In those days the hobble skirt and the sheath gown were creating a sensation, and I remember seeing the smart young ladies from the university doing a step or two on the street corners as they waited for the streetcar to come along.”

SOME WORKS: Village: As it Happened Through a Fifteen Year Period; A Companion Volume; The Portrait of a Generation; North America, Continent of Conjecture; Being Geniuses Together: An Autobiography.

FUN FACT: In 1923, Robert McAlmon started the Contact Publishing Company. It is in this capacity, more than any other, that he ranks as one of my great professional inspirations.

Daily Prompt: Quote Me

As you probably know by now, I’m a quote collector. I have hand-written notebooks full of them (a decade’s worth), and I post one here every Tuesday. Today’s Daily Prompt: Quote Me is right up my alley.

The quote I’m spotlighting has deep meaning for me, professionally and personally. The man behind the words is the reason I walk my particular creative path (of creating, publishing, writing, and editing only for indie and small press publications), and his inspirational words guide me through every challenge and triumph. If the quote looks familiar, it is because it has pride of place at the top of the right sidebar on this blog.

“Young or old, those who have anything to say will have their own way of saying it.”-Robert McAlmon