Wednesday Author Interview: Meet Kevin Scott

Marcia Meara of Bookin’ It interviewed my long-time friend, sometime collaborator, creative sounding board, and ASPL contributor, KM Scott, about his graphic novel series, Legends of Steragos. Check it out, and be inspired!

Bookin' It


Legends of Steragos by KM Scott 

Today, Bookin’ It welcomes Kevin Scott, a graphic novel author who currently lives and works in Bundang, South Korea. 

Hi, Kevin! So nice to have you here today. You are the first author I’ve interviewed who writes graphic novels. Can you tell us a bit about how you became a writer. When did you decide that’s what you wanted to be, and what steps did you take to prepare for a writing career? 

KS: I loved watching movies and TV when I was a kid, and really enjoyed hearing a good story.  One day, when I was 9, my dad dragged me to see Ghostbusters. I was scared at first.  Horror movies freaked me out, and anything with ‘ghost’ in the title was sure to scare me.  Two hours later, I walked out of the theater a changed kid.  The movie absolutely thrilled…

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Steragos: An Intro

This is my close friend Kevin’s new blog. He’s also a contributor here on A Small Press Life. It would be awesome if you’d show him some love by visiting his new site. Thanks!

Legends of Steragos

For anybody new and curious about Legends of Steragos , welcome!  Pull up a chair , lemme talk atcha.  Allow me to give you the skinny about LOS.

LOS is a book series , which is a bit difficult to say since the series currently consists of one book.  However , I’m working on the second one currently , aiming for a September release. By the looks of things , it’s shaping up to be a humdinger.  There’ll be a snow goddess, a train crash, bandits,  dangerous quests, a venture into an otherworldly realm, and one character even uses an intercom!

I like intercoms.  That’s … that’s why that’s there.  I like ‘em.

The stories of LoS  take place in the enchanted realm of Steragos, during the technological revolution of that world’s 1920s, and center around three heroic princesses – Zariah, the stalwart leader and future queen of the land…

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Don’t Forget: Today is Read Tuesday!

Don’t forget: today is Read Tuesday, the bookish equivalent of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Please consider supporting some of the wonderful participants by buying their books (all at reduced prices).


My friend Kevin’s amazing action-adventure book for young readers, Legends of Steragos, is available for Kindle ($2.99) and in paperback ($6.38).

Remember: ‘Tis always the season for giving the gift of reading.