Daily Diversion #167: Out/In

Brunch out

Brunch out: French toast with sweet sauce and berries.

Dinner in: Tofu stir fry

Dinner in: Tofu stir fry with leek “noodles” and Thai eggplant, with gai-lan on the side. My husband is the best.


Daily Diversion #104: Lazy Sunday

The frozen sky spits out a combination pack of snowflakes: huge, miniscule, fat, puffy, wispy, deflated. Something for everyone, except me. I am ready for spring; curmudgeonly winter with his ridiculous whims needs to go away. Back to yesterday, or last week. Back to when he was wanted, appreciated, welcomed.

Snowy day, snowy day.

Snowy day, snowy day.

I have no energy, just a belly full of decadent food and a gaping need for a long, warm nap.

Creme Brulee French Toast

Creme Brulee French Toast.

Goodnight, all. I’ll write tomorrow.