Daily Diversion #167: Out/In

Brunch out

Brunch out: French toast with sweet sauce and berries.

Dinner in: Tofu stir fry

Dinner in: Tofu stir fry with leek “noodles” and Thai eggplant, with gai-lan on the side. My husband is the best.


6 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #167: Out/In

  1. OMG YUM!

    delicious dinner
    brunch as well
    are sure to pave
    the path to hell
    as sugar drips
    from ruby lips
    and molecules
    move to my hips
    I hold my plate
    close to my face
    and lick the crumbs
    to my disgrace


    • Haha! I love it. That is certainly how I felt after eating both meals. I could hardly eat the French toast crumbs at brunch (since I was in public!), but I had no such barriers after finishing dinner at home. 🙂


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