Books! Calendars! Comics!

I always shop for books and calendars between Christmas and New Year’s Day. As usual, I ended up with quite the eclectic mix (although the combination makes sense in my head). Do you like to buy books this time of year? 

Books! Calendars! Comics!

Books! Calendars! Comics!

8 thoughts on “Books! Calendars! Comics!

  1. These look utterly fabulous. I love the Book Worm Trivia calendar. Also, the Arthur Miller book looks interesting.

    Yes, I’ve been on a book-buying binge lately. Bought (and devoured) “Britt-Marie was Here” by Fredrik Backman and “Be Frank with Me” by Julia Claiborne Johnson. Also, I found a copy of “Anthony Adverse” at a rummage sale, which has been on my To Read List for months.

    Happy 2017 to you!


    • Thanks! I’m enjoying the bookworm calendar. Haven’t started the Arthur Miller book yet, but it is going to be interesting/fun to read his other (non-play) fiction. I’ve read excerpts of some of his stories, before, but nothing in its entirety.

      Ooooh, congrats on “Anthony Adverse.” What a wonderful find! And I am glad I am not the only one who has been on a book-buying binge. ‘Tis (always) the season.

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