Daily Diversion #235: Autumnal Reflections

“In Heaven, it is always Autumn.”-John Donne

A fairy tale view

Across the pond and through the trees: a fairy tale view

4 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #235: Autumnal Reflections

    • It is about 6 or so miles outside of downtown, in the middle of a bustling urban area. In the middle of the second largest cemetery in the US, actually. The building is called The Gothic Revival Dexter Memorial. It’s about 160 years old.


      • Amazing! You would never know it was in a busy part of town. It seems so peaceful and an ideal spot for reflection…which I guess it would be, in a cemetery.

        It is such a lovely photo.


      • That is exactly why we love it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it is 733 acres…

        I love to go there because it is a great hiking spot (seriously, Cinci is sooooo hilly), it is peaceful and beautiful.


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