Daily Diversion #233: Hawk/River

The view from our hotel room, with an obliging hawk soaring above the local river:



6 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #233: Hawk/River

  1. Lovely photo. So you are a photographer, too. Reminds me of the old silver gelatin prints. There is a photographer here in Arizona who had a book published of some of the ranch people here, including women, bless him, all taken with a huge, old box camera. There is something about that process that beats new digital photography every which way. You have come mighty close.


    • Thank you.

      I snap pics, but I am no photographer. I enjoy playing around with effects (this photo combines two) and angles, etc. but it is just a hobby. It would be so much more interesting to have achieved this look the old way. I’d love to learn that, but I guess I am busy enough as it is.

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