Writers in Art: Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe. Artist unknown.

4 thoughts on “Writers in Art: Daniel Defoe

    • So you do read old books!

      I’ve always found the custom of wig wearing, for both women and men, interesting. I love how the styles/styling/accessories were always changing.

      Defoe was fascinating! I love his books. I’m currently rereading Moll Flanders. Great stuff.

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      • Ha! Yes, I do read old books sometimes and have a few on the shelf. Somewhere I have a first edition of Washington Irving’s Sketches that I will read. I have to admit that some of the reading is a result of the Literary Road Trip classes I take here in Tucson. The class costs a bit more than the tuition as I always end up buying more books.


      • It’s fabulous to have an Irving first edition. How wonderful!

        I admit that 98% of my fiction reading is pre-1950, with most of it being pre-20th century. There are just too many lovely, interesting old books in the world. I’d rather read those than something new. I’m an old soul, I guess.

        A Literary Road Trip class sounds like lots of fun!

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