[Book Nerd Links] The Daily Rituals of Famous Writers

The Daily Rituals of Famous Writers [courtesy ShortList]

It’s quite interesting, although I could do without the judgmental tone about the de Beauvoir-Sartre relationship.

6 thoughts on “[Book Nerd Links] The Daily Rituals of Famous Writers

  1. Really, though, what’s creepier than an honest, open relationship? The de Beauvoir Sartre thing makes me much more uneasy than Victor Hugo’s mistress writing him a letter every morning in which she’d refer to him as her “beloved Christ.” Bet those two didn’t talk about sex.


    • So, not creepy at all! 🙂

      It’s funny how people tend to freak out over others’ sex/intimate lives. Does it matter if it works for them and they are happy/healthy? Nope! People condemn others as creepy/gross/what have you when their own sensibilities are offended, even though it has nothing to do with them. We are a strange nation.


    • It’s pretty inspiring!

      Except for the author’s poor taste in judging a relationship that largely worked for the parties involved. I agree. I’m pretty sure we could find something creepy about every writer featured on that list. It’s totally beside the point, though, as is the sex lives of a long-dead couple in an article about creative routines.

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