Goodbye, Lauren Bacall!

This week keeps getting worse, celebrity-wise.

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall: 16 September, 1924-12 August 2014.

“Imagination is the highest kite that can fly.”-Lauren Bacall, By Myself and Then Some

17 thoughts on “Goodbye, Lauren Bacall!

    • Indeed! I grew up going to Malabar Farm, the site of her wedding to Bogart. I have fond memories of standing at the foot of the stairs that she descended during the ceremony, daydreaming about movie stars! My favourite ever charity event (in honor of Comden and Green) involved the likes of Lauren Bacall, Tommy Tune, James Naughton…it was stellar! She was so elegant and witty. She will definitely be missed.

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  1. With her and James Garner going, I wonder now who the new class of “classic” Hollywood stars are/will be. Or if that can ever really be replicated again. :-/


    • I don’t think there’s any such thing now, and that isn’t necessarily bad. The first fifty or so years of Hollywood proper is its own special era, and we cannot expect to replicate its people or films or aesthetic. That’s okay. There are famous actors now, sure, and some of them will become legends…but in a different way, and to a different extent. We wouldn’t be mourning the loss of the likes of Garner and Bacall if they were replaceable.


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