Writing Wisdom from Knut Hamsun

Knut Hamsun Quote

Knut Hamsun Quote

Knut Hamsun, circa 1890

Knut Hamsun, circa 1890

2 thoughts on “Writing Wisdom from Knut Hamsun

  1. So, so true, and a wonderful quote. I often think of words as “constellations of meaning.” Each one unique like the elements of the periodic table. Each one like an atom with its own fluctuating set of protons, electrons, neutron, gluons (some more gluey than others!), quarks (some more quirky than others [I couldn’t decide between ‘quarky’ and ‘quirky’ there but auto-correct decided for me…]), and on and on….all in a soupy state of semantic flux….or something like that.


    • “Constellations of meaning” is an apt phrase, and the rest of your description/explanation is quite nice. “Something like that” also captures the process, albeit in a different way. 🙂


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