So, I Wanted to Buy a Couple of Books for My Upcoming Road Trip…

 I love a good bargain book. Yesterday I went into Half Price Books thinking that I’d pick up a volume or two for my upcoming road trip. You can blame their storewide 20% off sale for my, um, enthusiastic results.

Book Pile

Book and Magazine Pile

Art Books

Art Books



Miscellaneous Books

Miscellaneous Books


  1. Renoir: His Life, Art, and Letters by Barbara Erlich White
  2. Master of Shadows: The Secret Diplomatic Career of Peter Paul Rubens by Mark Lamster
  3. History of Art (Second Edition) by H.W. Janson
  4. Vogue Australia April 2010
  5. Marie Claire April 2014
  6. Allure April 2014
  7. The Valley of Fear by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  8. Keystone: The Life and Clowns of Mack Sennett by Simon Louvish
  9. Doctor Who: The Complete Guide by Mark Campbell
  10. The Times We Had: Life with William Randolph Hearst by Marion Davies
  11. Nero Wolfe: The Mother Hunt by Rex Stout

TOTAL: $19.09

Tell me in the comments about your most recent book bargain!

27 thoughts on “So, I Wanted to Buy a Couple of Books for My Upcoming Road Trip…

    • That’s too funny. I read the Davies book when I was in high school, too. 😉

      I am particularly excited about the Keystone book. The majority of my fave silent cinema books have come from HPB, oddly enough.

      Thanks! It is only two weeks away!


  1. Wow!!! Eleven books for $19? That is great!!! Where you going? Are you all driving across country? Which are you going to read first? Haven’t bought any books lately. Gotta finish the ones I’m nursing first. And nursing slowly… so…

    Anyway, have fun on your trip!


    • Well, 8 books and 3 magazines…but still. The two giant art books were $1.60 each. HPB is having a 20% off storewide sale this holiday weekend, which includes clearance, of course. Amazing!

      I am going to Savannah with my mom, with a stop in Asheville on the way down! We leave two weeks from tomorrow. So excited.


    • I read it in high school, but never owned a copy (until now). According to the sticker on the back, this copy was originally purchased at Hearst Castle for $7.50!

      I cannot wait to read the Keystone/Sennett book! It is a nice addition to my Keystone and silent movie book collections. It is definitely coming on the road trip with me. I’ll let you know what I think!


      • I know! But that damn $7.50 Hearst Castle price tag made it the second most expensive purchase of the bunch! It ended up being a whole $3.00. But, to put that into perspective, the 2 huge art books I bought (which were on clearance) were $3.20-FOR BOTH! Marion is worth it, though!


  2. I totally identify with this type of book shopping, maedez. I like to go to Barnes and Noble and get their $5 books – I have found some real treasures. I found an Annie Leibovitz book of her photography and travels to visit the homes of the likes of Dickinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc. for $15. It had been on my wish list but it cost $60 originally. I am so enjoying the photos of their work and living spaces. Have a wonderful trip – sounds like a great itinerary.


    • A bargain book is truly one of life’s joys! That Leibovitz book sounds really cool, and $15 is a steal compared to $60. I definitely got some amazing bargains this time. I still cannot believe that those two art books clocked in at $3.20 for both. Amazing!

      Thanks! We leave two weeks from today.


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