[Intermezzo] Bedridden with a Monstrous Cold

I’m stuck in bed today, tired from coughing. Croaky-voiced. Re-reading Ansel Adams’ autobiography and dreaming of great snow-capped mountains. I catch a glimpse, through the dirty window, of a white-blanketed roof and try to make do. Persuade me that there is no difference on the scale of majesty, and I’ll be impressed.

The Sick Girl by Michael Ancher, 1882

The Sick Girl by Michael Ancher, 1882

Words to the wise: On gloomy days, imagination is the best tool of all.

13 thoughts on “[Intermezzo] Bedridden with a Monstrous Cold

  1. Dear friend…it is just a matter of perspective. The roof you see is actually huge and mountain like. Pigeons scale it’s walls and leave tracks behind for the climbers who will follow. The sun shines down on the snowy roof, as it shines down on Everest. Snow piles up, then slides off, avalanche style. The moon glistens on the white crystals that are piled high and thick on the mountainous roof. And as you gaze out of your window, in the dying light, you may see the colorful tents of small fairies who are camping out…just so they can watch you, through your very own window. Hope you feel better soon:) Lots of cookies and hot chocolate will give you the 911 help you need. Happy mountain climbing.


    • If anyone could change my mind, it would be you…You almost made it happen, too! Unfortunately, what I see when I close my eyes is much nicer than a patch of my neighbor’s roof (our houses are so close, I could jump to their roof from mine without fear of missing).

      My husband actually made me a huge mug of hot chocolate yesterday, and I still had dessert left over from my bestie’s holiday party. If the ear-piercing, throat-shattering coughing would just stop…


  2. That was me last week! Living my dream of staying under covers all day with a book, but feeling so so miserable. I’m afraid I can’t impress you because I’ve seen those snow-capped mountains, and truly nothing else compares. Hope you feel better soon though and enjoy the wonderland of your memoir!


    • Thank you! I actually feel pretty decent, except for the horrible cough (and resultant raw throat) which makes it impossible to be near people. That just wouldn’t be civilized. I’ll just curl up in bed and read of lovely, far-flung places until I am fit to rejoin the human population.


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