Edith Sitwell Expired 49 Years Ago Today…

Edith Sitwell, a most unusual poet and highly colourful character, died on 9 December 1964. She was 77 years old.

Edith Sitwell by Roger Fry, 1915

Edith Sitwell by Roger Fry, 1915

“I have often wished I had time to cultivate modesty…But I am too busy thinking about myself.”-Edith Sitwell

12 thoughts on “Edith Sitwell Expired 49 Years Ago Today…

      • He was a towering figure in the art world (especially as a critic) of the first three decades of the 20th century, and a major member of the Bloomsbury Group. He founded the Omega Workshops, coined the phrase Post-Impressionist, and organized the exhibits that introduced Van Gogh, Gaugin, etc. to the English public.


      • Wow! I must have been sleeping through my art history class that day! The 20th century is where I start losing focus. I like Gaugin a lot, but not so much Van Gogh and once Picasso gets big I’m done. (Well, not really, but I just don’t like most modern art–though working at MOMA in NYC was very enjoyable at Christmastime. (Now that sounded pretentious). Thanks for the info. I’ve heard of the Bloomsbury group but have never looked into it with any depth.


      • Well, the artists he helped make famous in England (and beyond) were mostly products of the late 19th century, yet still modern by the standards of the old guard of the art establishment. They were considered shocking, really.

        The Bloomsbury Group, although they shunned that label and any claims of true cohesion, were immensely influential in modernizing literature, design, thought, and art. In the quickest, most basic of overviews you had: Lytton Strachey and Virginia Woolf in literature, her husband Leonard in political theory, Maynard Keynes in economics, Clive Bell in art criticism, Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry, Duncan Grant, and Dora Carrington in art and design, etc. All very impressive, and with lasting impact!

        I adore the Omega Workshop designs, and the decor of all of the Bloomsbury (and associated) houses.

        Working at MOMA at Christmastime sounds hectic, but lovely. I envy you that. 🙂


      • A lot to look into. I do like the houses and squares. I just took a glance at some of the Omega designs and I’m not sure yet how I feel about them, but it’s nice to know someone who knows so much about something I know so very little about–cross pollination for the brain.


      • I love Omega Workshop designs but, then as now, they are definitely not for everyone!

        I learn a lot from reading your blog, too. Although I know a decent amount about 19th century America (way more than the average American, to be sure), my areas of expertise revolve around theatre, pop culture, literature, and women’s rights. I know that I will always see something new when I visit your blog. 🙂


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