Counting Down to Halloween with Edgar Allan Poe, Day 9: The Raven

Gustav Doré's Cover Illustration for Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, 1884

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Cover illustration by Gustav Doré, 1884.

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary”-The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe

13 thoughts on “Counting Down to Halloween with Edgar Allan Poe, Day 9: The Raven

  1. A key and a candle – hmmm, Light and the key to the meaning of life? Anyway, with the angel wings and halo, I am not sure Dore understood the darkness of the poem unless the angel wings were symbolic of Lenore. Anyway, I have a humble little paperback, “The Raven with The Philosophy of Composition” by Poe and it is illustrated by Alan James Robinson. I am absolutely envious of his talent as a wood engraver and draughtsman.


    • I think that Dore was way too fine of an artist (who, incidentally, earned a lot of money from the publishing house for this work) to have suffered from lack of understanding of The Raven. Whatever this particular illustration symbolizes, I cannot imagine it was done in ignorance of the work it represents. Could we, the modern viewers, perhaps be the ones lacking the complete tool kit necessary to immediately fathom its deeper meanings? Not because we are not brilliant, of course, but because we look at the world with such very different eyes? Just a thought. But you really have me thinking now, so thank you!

      You have such lovely books! I imagine I could get lost for hours looking at your collection, which does not sound very humble to me. It sounds wonderfully and deeply eclectic!


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