What a Cozy Place to Read a Book!

What a cozy place to hunker down with a book! One needs only to bring a blanket, some reading material, and an open imagination.

Ault Park

Ault Park

Reading aloud to the leaves and branches, whilst optional, is highly encouraged. Words are best, after all, when they are shared.

11 thoughts on “What a Cozy Place to Read a Book!

  1. This looks heavenly! Lovely tree, lovely sentiment. Sadly, here in central Florida, lying under a tree might get you sucked dry by mosquitoes. Unless the fire ants strip the flesh from your bones first. BUT. In theory, I like it. And maybe if I could find YOUR magic tree, I could indulge, too. For now, I’m stuck in the Comfy Chair, I guess! 🙂

    Nice post, maedez! Glad I found a few minutes today to stop by.


    • Comfy chairs are indispensable! We all need a good reading chair.

      I love this tree; I just wish it was in my yard. I would get a lot of use from it. It is in a park about a 10-minute drive away, so while I can visit it often it is not too handy. That might not be such a bad thing, though, as all I would want to do is read under it all day long.

      You are most welcome, and thank you!


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