Gratuitous Book Photo of the Day: Miller

Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller, my sixth favourite playwright.

9 thoughts on “Gratuitous Book Photo of the Day: Miller

    • Well, this is only my personal ranking! I do not believe in “best of” or “top” lists. These are my favourite playwrights for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: intellectual, personal, philosophical and political beliefs. I think they would be okay with those criteria.


  1. I was only being a smart-mouth, maedez. I understand completely. Speaking of criteria, I read an essay in the NYTimes today about how artists we may revere can turn out to be not so nice after all. Specifically, Rilke was mentioned as being a deplorable human being and yet I am interested in reading his “Letters to a Young Poet”. I don’t completely understand how someone can be so generous with advice and yet be someone we would not want to know in person. The only explanation offered was that authors can be another person or their best person in their writing if not their personal life. It is a conflict when you read poets whom you know to be racist (Larkin) or anti-Semitic (Pound).


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