Daily Diversion #136: Tail

“There are no ordinary cats.”-Colette

Zig Zig (aka Miss Zizi Jeanmaire) agrees.




18 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #136: Tail

      • Cats are just so amusing. My son heard a sound coming from inside the couch. His young cat had torn a hole in the lining underneath and crawled into the couch and was scratching at the leather from the inside. What are they thinking? Needless to say, Olive the cat is no longer welcome at our house.


      • Oh, wow. I am certain we probably do not want to know what cats are thinking, although the Dear Diary cat and dog videos are hilarious. I can imagine that poor Olive is not your fave animal.


      • I like Olive enough but on the one visit to our house she got up under my husband’s recliner, right into the mechanism. We finally got her out, with a few scraps of stuffing to show for it.


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