Awards Announcement!

Let’s be real: we enjoy receiving awards. They are sweet acknowledgments that readers like our blog. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to nominate us for various awards these last few months. Unfortunately, we’ve lost track of a few of them and for that we apologize. Keeping awards in play is awfully time-consuming and repetitive: there are only so many personal facts we have to share. Frankly, we’d rather spend the time creating new content for the blog. Although we’ve no desire to hurt the feelings of our nominators, a compromise is definitely required.

It’s a work in progress so, whilst things are subject to change, here’s what we’ve come up with after much thought:

  • Any future awards will be immediately acknowledged, because we really are grateful! We will be up front if we do not have the time to pass them on. Please understand that we write and edit and create things for a living. This blog is not a hobby, but an extension of what we do in the real world. There are only so many balls we can keep in the air!
  • We are finally going to create a blogroll! There are so many amazing blogs that Kevin and I follow, and we’d love to share them with you. They are all worthy of your time and mental space. These blogs deserve all of the awards on WordPress.
  • We will do an occasional post spotlighting newly discovered awesome blogs.
  • In another effort to share the love with our favourite blogs, we will be creating our own award. I know, I know. Creating an award to make up for the fact that we receive too many awards to handle probably doesn’t sound like the most logical solution, but bear with us. This award will not require recipients to give it to others. It will make perfect sense when you have the details. More on that later.


Thank you, Morgan, from I am a heathen, for nominating us for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks, Nanuschka, for nominating us for a 3-in-1 Award. Check out Nanuschka’s Blog here.

8 thoughts on “Awards Announcement!

  1. This is fair and reasonable. I, too, am thinking of creating a blogging award, but haven’t figured out the details yet. I didn’t realize that creating awards was such hard work!

    Your blog is one of my faves and I’m very happy to see you being nominated for all these awards.


    • Thanks, I thought so! I have been putting off creating the award for exactly that reason. Everything is mostly formed in my head, so maybe I will work it out soon.

      Thank you so much. I appreciate the compliment and sentiment. I love your blog too, as I am sure you know!


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