The Well-Groomed Samuel Pepys Died 310 Years Ago Today

The well-groomed Samuel Pepys died on 26 May 1703. He was seventy.

Samuel Pepys, 1666

Samuel Pepys, 1666.

QUOTE: “But me thought is lessened my esteem of a king, that he should not be able to command the rain.”

KNOWN FOR: His incredibly diary.


Samuel Pepys' Diary at Lady Frans Library

Samuel Pepys’ Diary at Lady Frans Library. $19.00

8 thoughts on “The Well-Groomed Samuel Pepys Died 310 Years Ago Today

    • He kept the diary between 1660-1669, although it wasn’t published until 1825. It was written is shorthand, too. It is a wonderful read if you ever get the chance.


      • If I see a copy I’ll definitely grab it. If that’s your copy in the picture it looks like a nice one.

        I wasn’t clear but I meant he wrote the first diary to be published (in terms of date written).


      • Oh, I know what you meant! I was just contributing knowledge of the dates. He was actually one of the first known people to keep a diary in the modern sense of the word, in the fact that it was kept for personal and not business reasons. Definitely read it if you can; it is priceless.

        Unfortunately, that is not my copy in the pic. The link takes you to the Etsy store selling this particular volume.


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