Daily Diversion #111: Oh, look, it’s back!

Welcome back, snow! Gee, it’s hard to believe it has been 8 or 9  months since…oh, wait. What? What do you mean spring opened her arms in a warm embrace 5 days ago? Why are you back so soon? Didn’t you get the memo? Have you looked at a calendar? In this part of the world you should be on vacation until at least December, maybe even January. Please take heed of this plea, and skedaddle.

Early spring snowstorm

Early spring snowstorm.

Oh, hi there snow! You suck.

Oh, hi there snow! You suck.

6 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #111: Oh, look, it’s back!

    • We barely get any snow here-we’ve had less than half a foot downtown since November-but I do not like it at all. Especially not when we are so close to April! I have a lot of family in the Niagara Falls area of New York, and I just don’t get how they can stand to live there!


      • This afternoon I sat out on the porch, which I rarely do since I seem to be too busy all the time, and between reading about papermaking and book arts, I listened to the birds, watched the bunnies and the mountains and the sun lowering. It was pretty nice. All my family are up in Ontario; I hear their pain.


    • The snow didn’t stick, but it came down relentlessly for a day. For most of winter, it rained instead of snowed. The days were so grey. It is sunny today, and for that, at least, I am thankful. 🙂


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