Daily Diversion #291: Epic Sky

Epic sky

Epic sky


Young Lady in 1866

I adore this painting; in fact, it is my favourite by Manet. A beautifully framed copy hangs in my dining room.

Why post it today?

The cold, the cold!

It’s far below zero–the chilliest temperature of the season. Since this painting makes me feel happy, content, and warm, I thought you might enjoy it, too.

Young Lady in 1866 by Édouard Manet

Young Lady in 1866 by Édouard Manet. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Daily Diversion #253: Two Charming Robins

Two charming robins stopped by the studio for an early afternoon visit. They lured me from my writing, and the cat from her nap. We were both grateful.

Two robins in a snowy tree

Two robins in a snowy tree

“Little Robin Redbreast/Came to visit me/This is what he whistled/Thank you for my tea.”