[Book Nerd Links] M Train, Blue Highways, and an Animated Virginia Woolf

I’m only sharing three links today, but they are all worthy of your time.

A Year in Books/Day 109: Blue Highways

  • Title: Blue Highways A Journey Into America
  • Author: William Least Heat Moon
  • Year Published: 1982/This Edition: 1985 (A Fawcett Crest Book Published by Ballantine Books)
  • Year Purchased: 1987
  • Source: Likely Waldenbooks.
  • About: In the late 1970s, teacher William Least Heat Moon lost his job and his love. Instead of wallowing, he set out on one of those Great Journeys of personal and cultural discovery that Americans are so famous for; this book is the result of that trip. It rightfully spent months atop the New York Times Best Seller List. Blue Highways had such a profound impact on my early adolescence that it begs for a separate entry; I promise to do that soon. Until then, consider this volume worth every penny. It’s a classic.
  • Motivation: Honestly, I have no idea. I think that I heard about this somewhere and decided to buy it (or, to be accurate, ask my Mom to buy it for me) to read on a summer road trip out West.
  • Times Read: A very profound 2
  • Random Excerpt/Page 59: “Maybe she was right that tourists want half-timbered facades and stained-plastic windows; maybe they want an Elizabethan town even when the real Manteo had been clapboard and shingles. Progress, retrogression-the Duchess knew best. But for me, I headed toward the town that hadn’t seen neon light.”
  • Happiness Scale: Off the charts.