The Model and the Mannequin

The Model and the Mannequin (1873) by Giovanni Boldini* has nothing to do with dead writers, reading, writing, books, film, or any of the other usual suspects found on A Small Press Life. I just dig the painting. It’s one of those images that I’d love to jump right into; life would be interesting on that side of the canvas. Look at the colours! Look at the patterns! Look at the textures! The mannequin would have to go (burn it! burn it with fire!), but the model can stay. She’d be a fun, if unpredictable, roomie.

The Model and the Mannequin by Giovanni Boldini, 1873

The Model and the Mannequin by Giovanni Boldini, 1873

*Although Giovanni Boldini is one of my favourite 19th century genre and portrait painters, every time I see his name I always think of the Erik Rhodes character from the Astaire-Rogers film Top Hat (1935): Alberto Beddini.

Alberto Beddini: “I promised my dresses that I would take them to Venice and that you would be in them!”

That’s actually a decent companion quote for this piece, isn’t it?

Why I’m Blowing Off Writing Tonight to Watch Old Movies and Trim the Tree

The essay I wrote yesterday in honor of my friend Frank really took a lot out of me. I’m drained. I’ve decided that I deserve a break from wading through my creativity. Tonight’s entertainment?

Top Hat Poster (1935)

Top Hat poster (1935)

Sullivan's Travels (1941)

Sullivan’s Travels (1941)