A Year in Books/Day 101: A Treasury of Peter Rabbit and Other Stories

  • Title: A Treasury of Peter Rabbit and Other Stories
  • Author: Beatrix Potter
  • Year Published: No copyright date noted.
  • Year Purchased: The year I turned five.
  • Source: According to the inscription, this was a gift from my Aunt Lauree.
  • About: Every classic Beatrix Potter story is in this volume, including ‘The Tale of Two Bad Mice’*. Maybe it was just me, but I did not like Tom Thumb and his wife, Hunca Munca. I thought they were creepy, but I loved, loved, loved the rest of the book. I loved it so much I even wrote in it (very unlike me). I’ve managed to keep it in my possession for three decades (very like me). Her illustrations are enchantingly timeless.
  • Motivation: I was a girl. I loved animals and, at five, I had already been reading for two years.
  • Times Read: Hundreds during kindergarten alone. I was an obsessive reader even then.
  • Random Excerpt: “The water was all slippy-sloppy in the larder and in the back passage. But Mr. Jeremy liked getting his feet wet; nobody ever scolded him, and he never caught a cold.”
  • Happiness Scale: 10
  • * Having just spent a minute re-reading this story, I stand firmly by my initial assessment: it is scary and horrible and undeniably sad.

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