Daily Diversion #429: Bookish Restraint

I think I showed admirable restraint at the Half Price Books warehouse sale, don’t you? 

Book haul

6 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #429: Bookish Restraint

  1. I didn’t go. My cousin went and didn’t actually do anything because it was so packed. She left right away. I’m glad to see so many people getting books. The books you picked out are excellent. Have fun reading all of them.


    • My mom and I went early on Friday, so it wasn’t too bad. There’s no way we would have gone Saturday or Sunday, though. Couldn’t have paid me! Thanks, I think it’s a nice little haul. Hard to beat $2.00 a book, especially for coffee table books or the autographed Charlie Trotter cookbook I bought for The Chef.


    • Thanks! There were tens and tens of thousands, easily! It was hard not to become overwhelmed and just shut down. Fortunately, I’m a very decisive person/shopper. Plus, I set a budget. The books were mostly $2.00 each, with some being cheaper!

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