Daily Diversion #418: Rose Marie’s Dishes

The Chef and I did not need more dishes of any kind, but I couldn’t resist these small beauties.  Not only are they stunning… they belonged to the late, legendary entertainer Rose Marie.



I plan on using them as often as I can.

Rose Marie, 1970

4 thoughts on “Daily Diversion #418: Rose Marie’s Dishes

    • They are surprisingly weighty! I’m very excited to use them, thanks. I’m pretty sure that modern fake nails have been commercially available since at least the 1950s, but, yeah, their use didn’t seem to be as widespread back in the day!


    • Rose Marie’s daughter, Noopy, has been doing an online estate sale of some of her mom’s things. She’s still going through boxes of belongings, and is regularly adding items to what she calls Rose Marie’s Closet.

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